Meet Shelby Posted June 13, 2013 by Brigid McDonnell

Shelby Carter, IBB Summer Intern 2013

This summer, IBB has a new addition to its team.  Shelby Carter, a rising senior at Notre Dame of Maryland University, has decided to join our ranks as our marketing and communications summer intern!  Shelby is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in marketing communications at NDMU, and IBB could not be happier to have her.  Shelby will be working on keeping our social media sites current, creating marketing materials for our upcoming programs, and guest-blogging right here on the IBB website.  You’ll be hearing more from her this summer, so we thought we’d sit down and get to know Shelby a little bit better.

Why were you interested in working at IBB?

Working with International Book Bank is my first internship, and it is a great opportunity for me.  When I was searching for an internship, I really liked the idea of working with a non-profit. IBB really caught my attention  because literacy is an “invisible issue” in some ways, and it is not something I really thought about. In the United States, many of us take our education for granted and see it as a chore, not a privilege. There are millions of children, and adults, throughout the world who are unable to read or write. IBB does amazing work in an effort to decrease these numbers and help people in developing nations gain literacy.  I wanted to be part of that effort.

What do you hope to learn from your time here?

I am hoping that in my time at IBB I can utilize marketing knowledge that I have gained studying at Notre Dame and better understand the applications of this knowledge. Sitting in a classroom and taking notes is one thing, but getting the hands on experience of working with marketing materials and social media will be the most valuable thing I can take away from my time here.

You’ve been at IBB for almost three weeks now, anything you’ve learned that you’d like to share?

Before I started at the International Book Bank, I didn’t know how low literacy rates were in some parts of the world. With the technology that we have where I can pull out my smart phone and have an entire book downloaded or get on my laptop and look through library documents, it is hard to imagine that children in other countries may be in a classroom with no lights and only one book to share. After doing some research and reading about the issues, I know a lot more about literacy  and how real this issue is.

Finally, Shelby, tell us something interesting about yourself that we wouldn’t expect!

Something interesting about me… I am a total geek behind the scenes! I enjoy reading just for fun even though I don’t usually have time for it, and I love things like Lord of the Rings and watching anime. I’m kind of like Sheldon Cooper, just not as socially awkward.