Board of Directors

Wendy Saul

Wendy Saul, President: Professor and Allen B. and Helen S. Shopmaker Chair in Education and International Studies, University of Missouri-St Louis. Dr. Saul has worked with teachers and teacher educators in Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America under the auspices of the Open Society Institute. Her recent work in Liberia, supported by CODE as part of their comprehensive readership initiative (Reading CODE), has helped her to better understand how few children really learn to read and write from the blackboard. Dr. Saul has received over $8 million in grants from the National Science Foundation for her work on reading and writing science. She also serves as a Member of the CODE Board of Directors.

Victor Korenman

Victor Korenman, Vice President: Professor of Physics, Emeritus, and former Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Programs, University of Maryland, College Park. As Associate Provost, Dr. Korenman was responsible for overseeing development and changes in all University academic programs. He also played a very significant role in establishing and then managing statewide cooperative ventures including a shared Library Information Management System for 13 institutions, an early cooperative intranet that provided robust internet access for students, staff, and faculty at these same institutions, and a free standing modern instructional facility that allows these institutions to join together to serve the higher education needs of Montgomery County. As Professor, Korenman enjoyed continuous research support throughout his career through grants from several agencies. More recently, he was chiefly responsible for vetting and then configuring the new IBB inventory system.

Betsy Baker-Rall

Betsy Baker-Rall, Secretary: Formerly Principal, Parkade Elementary School at Columbia Public Schools- Columbia, MO. Ms. Baker-Rall had 32 years of experience in public schools, in teaching and administration. She served as President of the Missouri State Council of the International Reading Association (IRA), was Coordinator for the Missouri State IRA Council, and served for three years on the Board of the National IRA. Her volunteer efforts in Haiti and her deep understanding of how schools work contribute to her understanding of the importance of the work undertaken through IBB.

Johnny Ramsey

Johnny Ramsey, Treasurer: A senior audit manager in KPMG’s Government Industry Practice in the Washington, DC office. Johnny has more than 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing, including 10 years focused on Chief Financial Officer Act audits and providing other accounting and advisory services for Federal agencies. He also has extensive experience auditing local governments and nonprofit entities. In addition to the International Book Bank, Johnny’s civic involvement includes serving on the Governing Member Executive Committee of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and as President of the Baltimore Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants for 2013–2014.

Richard Crabbe

Richard Crabbe: A native of Ghana, Mr. Crabbe joined the World Bank’s Office of the Publisher in 2002, where he ran the Africa Publishing Initiative. Prior to that, he headed a publishing company in Ghana. In his 30-year+ career in publishing, he has also served as Chairman, African Publishers’ Network (APNET); Member, Executive Committee of the International Publishers Association (IPA); Member, UNESCO Publications Board; and Steering Committee Member of the Working Group on Books and Learning Materials, Association for the Development of Education in Africa (see He has been a Director/Council member of Book Aid International, UK, and Board member, Media Associates, International, USA. Mr. Crabbe is a Member of the CODE Board of Directors and is the CODE Representative on the IBB Board.

JoAnn Crandall

JoAnn Crandall: Professor of Education, Emerita, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Dr. Crandall is a specialist in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and is a prolific author of both scholarly and practical materials on the subject. She has served as President of the American Association of Applied Linguistics and of the TESOL International Association. She is also Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Center for Applied Linguistics and a founding member of the TESOL International Research Foundation (TIRF) that distributes grants to language educators and researchers around the world. Her work includes frequent travels across the globe, where she works with schools, universities and professional groups to support second language instruction. Her extensive resume lists a very large number of grants that she has received for her work.

Danny Fein

Danny Fein: Founder, Litographs LLC. Mr. Fein is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Harvard Business School. He participated in Startup Chile in 2012, and has partnered with IBB since he founded Litographs in 2011.

Amanda Hitt

Amanda Hitt: Amanda Hitt is an attorney who works for the Government Accountability Project in Washington, DC. Her work primarily focuses on assuring accountability and transparency in the food system. Amanda also has a strong interest in public health and improving public health outcomes. In addition to IBB, Amanda is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Food Ingredient Health Research Institute.

Hilary Jones

Hilary Jones: Legal Operational Officer; Inter-American Development Bank. Ms. Jones is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Georgetown University. She served as a Fulbright Scholar in Brazil and is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Brigid McDonnell

Brigid McDonnell: Brigid joins the Board after working for IBB as Program Director for the past four years. Her passion for global literacy brought her to IBB in January 2012 after graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a master’s degree in Teaching ESOL.

David Robson

David Robson: Principal,; Science Writer and Educator. Mr. Robson is certified as a teacher of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and is the developer of edPlans, an online curricular support system for K-12 teachers. He is also a Coast Guard licensed Master Captain and FAA licensed Flight Instructor and serves as the liaison for IBB with our interns from the Carey School of International Business at Johns Hopkins University.

Dan Tobin

Dan Tobin: Mr. Tobin is the president of Stenhouse Publishers, an educational publisher that is a subsidiary of Highlights for Children. Prior to joining Stenhouse in 2006, Dan spent 10 years as director of communications at Education Development Center, Inc., a nonprofit, international research and development organization specializing in education and health promotion. Dan has also worked as a magazine writer and editor and as a journalism instructor at Saint Mary’s College of California, San Francisco State University, and Boston College.

IBB no longer has a paid staff.  Our continuing work is undertaken by members of our volunteer Board of Directors.